Did you know? Brides are charged as much as Rs180,000 to get their bridal makeup done by professionals.

It is every woman’s desire to look stunning for that big event,or even just a party,so the average woman has sought the services of a makeup artist at least once.

The price of getting your makeup done varies from makeup artist to makeup artist,salon to salon and is also largely dependent on the occasion. For instance ,bridal makeovers are usually the most expensive .A particular makeup artist might charge Rs 120,000 for bridal makeup,and charge the same client Rs 20,000 for their casual makeup. Also, depending on the makeup artist,you can comfortably get a bridal makeover for as low as Rs 25,000,so there are a lot of factors that come into play when talking about the price of makeovers.

A large number of brides are okay with spending much more to look pretty,and if you ask me, It is valid enough,as you only get one wedding ceremony. It will be best however to not break the bank. Work with your budget and find a good artist for that price range and you should be fine.

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